Mission Plastics tooling operation provides a complete solution for the development of plastic products for Medical, Automotive and Commercial industries.

We offer a full range of services for companies worldwide, from product concept to series production. Our people and equipment are the most advanced in the industry. Whether you need prototypes or highly sophisticated production molds, MPI is committed to successfully delivering your precision plastic component requirements.

Mold Making

There are no finer Master Craftsmen building molds than at Mission Plastics—recognized as a leading manufacturer of custom injection molds from concept to realization, and specializing in high-cavitation, runnerless, totally interchangeable and ultra-precision tooling for most industries.


This expertise encompasses multiple mold projects where total component interchangeability, mold standardization and dimensional accuracy are critical requirements.

  • State of the art in-house mold design support and build capability
  • Partnerships with Asian-based toolmakers
  • Design Support & Engineering excellence
  • Mold Flow capabilities
  • Advanced CAD/CAM Design to Manufacturing
  • Unsurpassed dimensional tolerances
  • Mold repair and preventative maintenance
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD Inventor
  • 4-hour fire-rated tool vault

Mission Plastics Inc. utilizes leading edge CNC and EDM technologies, coupled with master craftsmanship to produce superior quality molds. Building the highest quality mold is our standard, and as a result, the optimal level of quality will be reflected in your finished product.


The Mission Plastics Design + Development Center provides comprehensive and precision prototype solutions. MPI offers 3D printing technology prototype services, using the newest technology and processes. Our experience and expertise provide critical insight in verifying component design and performance.

Three-dimensional printing: Mission Plastics can create an ABS model of your part utilizing the 3D printing technology. This technology allows you to have parts in your hands within days for testing and product functional approval. This capability allows for fewer design changes, better product designs and a shorter time to get your product to market.

This FDM process builds durable and functional prototypes in eight different colors that can withstand rigorous testing and won’t warp or shrink, making them great for testing form, fit and function. What’s more, the ABS plastic material lends itself to being drilled, tapped, threaded, sanded, painted, vacuum metalized and polished.

The inexpensive and rapid development of 3D printed prototypes greatly reduces design-to-production time and allows for much higher Return-on-Investment (ROI).