A few words from our satisfied customers.

“I would like to sincerely thank Mission Plastics for helping us in a very critical time. They went out of their way to schedule our four molds, pull one apart to fix burn marks, run processing experiments to meet specification and hand delivering the parts as soon as they could. Fixing molds or running processing experiments were not called out in the quote, but they went an extra mile for our urgent need. Their timely help was critical for us to start a 501 K build on an extremely business-critical, high priority project. Thanks very much to the MPI Team.”

Nilesh Gogri, CareFusion/BD, AirLife Respiratory Consumables

“It has been a true pleasure teaming up with Mission Plastics. They were our first molder to implement automation, along with part separation, and as a result, they accelerated production and raised quality for our products. What was most impressing, they did this without it being requested by us. Part separation is the single largest savings through the cost of our parts; it substantially reduced downtime if there was cavity related issue.  Suffice to say, Mission continues to anticipate our needs and deliver results.” 

Bill Campbell, Director of Plant Operations, Safety Syringe (a Beckton Dickinson Company)

“After partnering with Mission for more than eight years, we’ve relied on their creativity and precision to deliver our products that are manufactured by them. And having more than 10 molds and counting with them, quality assurance is their promise, and they’ve kept that promise from day one.”

Omar Juarez, Plant Manager, PARKER/LEGRIS

“Over the past decade, Taral Plastics had utilized molds manufactured offshore to produce plastic jars for our core products. However, overseas-manufactured molds ended up costing the company valuable time and money due to the less than ideal quality of the molds, never-ending maintenance and repair costs, subpar quality parts, and unhappy customers.

“With a renewed focus on quality and production efficiency, and after extensive research of custom injection molders in the Southwest, we have partnered with Mission Plastics. Mission Plastics not only had the right equipment and tools, but the collective knowledge and a “quality-first” mindset. Mission was able to make the necessary modifications to allow these molds to produce quality parts again. The team at Mission Plastics has continuously taken a proactive approach to address the needs of Taral and apply creative short- and long-term solutions for Taral Plastics. We consider Mission Plastics as a true molding partner and look forward to growing our business with them in the years to come.”

Chancey P. Martin, President, Taral Plastic Container Company